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Monet Marketing Automation System(MMAS)

MMAS specializes in helping business maintain and manage clients relations. It can help to record customers’ online footprint and estimate their most recent needs, then turn a greeting email/message into a new trade opportunity.

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Customer action tracking

You will receive an SMS or Email notice as soon as your client has taken any action. E.g.When your client clicks a link from your Email, a message will be sent to you and you can check details from the Monet Marketing Automation System(MMAS).

Time-based Auto-generated Emails

With the Monet Marketing Automation System(MMAS), you can automatically generate a SMS or email and send to yourself or your clients, on a customized time frame, such as for birthday, rent expiry notice, thank you letter, purchase anniversary etc.

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Time-based Auto-generated Emails

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Tagging of customer behavior

Place tags on clients can help you send marketing materials more accurately. Monet Marketing Automation System(MMAS) helps you send the right email to the right client. 
If you send an email that includes a link of a two million house that is located in Markham, then at the moment your client clicks the link, the system will automatically add tags such as “2M”, “House”, “Markham” on that client. 

Simple way to create a marketing Email

Multiple models to choose from, quick link insert. Monet Marketing Automation System(MMAS) makes creating a high quality professional email no longer frustrating and time consuming.

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Landing page & Sign up form

With the Monet Marketing Automation System(MMAS), you will experience a very flexible form and landing page creation tool. The system will automatically send client’s input into the backend database with specific preset tags, so you can use that data for future marketing and client base analysis.

Unlimited mass emails

Once you have created the email template, you can send as often and as many emails you want based on your needs.

Client behaviour record

With the Monet Marketing Automation System(MMAS), you can review your client's behaviour history before your first meeting, such as all of his/her opened marketing emails, previous phone call notes, potential interests, preferred renovation style, etc. A good first impression can work wonders.

Appointment function

You can set appointments by setting up your calendar, such as duration, interval, scheduling notice. You can also assign an appointment to a team member.

Sales Pipeline

You can set up your own sales pipeline that fits your needs and customize pipeline stages, such as “lead”, “introduction/tour”, “pending”, etc. The system can generate different emails to fit for different stages. e.g.The clients will receive a thank you letter 5 days after you changed his/her status from open to deal or lost.

SMs marketing

You can add text, link or pictures in the SMS editor, and send to a select group, list or individuals.


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