Online Ordering System

◼︎Zero commission: No need to pay the high commission to third-party online ordering platforms

◼︎Online ordering by QR code: Customers can directly scan the QR code of the website on the small ticket to enjoy a convenient ordering experience without leaving the house

◼︎Seamless connection to restaurant POS System: online orders are sent directly to kitchen printers; no manual operation is required; the error rate of ordering and the labor costs will be reduced significantly

◼︎Efficient promotion: online ordering can provide detailed and exquisite dishes, collect diners’ consumption data and taste preferences. The interactive promotion can increase the popularity of the restaurant.

Contactless Mobile Ordering System

◼︎Customers can directly scan the QR code on the table to enter the ordering system to order food independently, which is clean and hygienic and reduces the spread of the virus.

◼︎Customers order their own meals without waiting for a waiter, save time and effort, and enjoy a good consumption experience.

◼︎Orders directly enter the restaurant’s cash register system, reducing contact with waiters and greatly reducing the error rate of manual input, which can significantly reduce labor costs.

◼︎Menus can be updated at any time, reducing the printing and disinfection costs of traditional paper and plastic menus, and improving the operating efficiency of restaurants.

◼︎Automatic collection of customer data, automatic precision marketing, as long as you have ordered a meal in the store, the system will automatically collect for you high-value data such as their mobile phone number, number of orders, frequency of returning, hobbies, spending power, etc., so that you can operate And promotional activities more precise.


Online Reservation System

◼︎Due to the impact of the Covid 19 Pandemic, the number of people entering your business premises will be greatly restricted. Therefore, booking has become an essential service for merchants. Our online reservation system allows your customers to reserve seats in advance, and can even accept their orders in advance. Ordering ahead helps you understand customer needs in advance, control the number of customers, save time for you and your customers, and increase table turnover rate.

Lineup System

◼︎The Lineup System allows your customers to pick up numbers in advance and line up virtually, greatly reducing the number of customers who are gathered in your place of business. This helps your customers maintain social distance and saves time for both you and your customers, allowing you to reasonably arrange customer seats and increase the table turnover rate and operating efficiency.

Branded App (White Label)

◼︎Your branded app lets your customers view your products, mobile pre-order, pay hands-free, view store hours and more.

◼︎The app allows business owners to send push notifications and personalized, direct marketing to app users

◼︎Guests seamlessly collect points with each use purchase. No need to keep track of a loyalty card.

◼︎Leverage our out-of-the-box loyalty and rewards program structure or create a customized program that’s entirely your own.

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