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Ad. Deploy/Media Buy

We provide digitalized media placement services for Instagram, Facebook, Google Adwords’ Search Advertising, Shopping Ads, Youtube Ads and Display Ads.

We provide advertising services, from ad copy creation to implementing and executing the advertisements.  We will also include a monthly report to report on the effectiveness on the campaign.

◼︎Pay Per Click Management & Ad Copy Creation
◼︎Pay Per Click Campaign Landing Page Creation
◼︎Pay Per Click Campaign Reporting & Tracking
◼︎PPC Keyword Research
◼︎PPC Bidding & Bid Management
◼︎PPC Campaign Optimization

Scope of Work

  1.  Creative, Design & Copywriting

  2.  Campaign set up once

  3.  Campaign Tracking

  4.  Campaign Optimization

  5.  Ad Placement Research

Launched by Monet

We organize and work on your content. Work includes Photo Design, Audience Classification Settings, and Budget Control. Distribution channels include Facebook, Instagram, youtube and Google Ads.


  1.  Campaign report will be provided

  2.  Customer data input database

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